The hint of classics: 16-bit DAC TDA1541A with advanced octal tube buffer

Something new, something new-old-stock, something borrowed from the past - this is a digital-to-analog converter based on the early D/A chip TDA1541A from Philips. Some people say the TDA1541A is the best D/A converter of all the times. Even if it's not, let's take it as a funny retro project, not sounding bad at all  afterall.
This DAC has many digital inputs making possible to use it with many kind of modern digital sources, even DSD and MQA files are nicely playable on computer thru USB and Foobar 2000 software.

The advanced octal tube buffer makes possible to get amplification needed after I/V processing at the TDA1541A's output.
Low distortion tube buffer gives spacious, tonally perfect and outstanding sound with lots of details.
OLED display provides information about digital input selected and digital signal resolution.
Tube change is easy and possible list of suitable octal tubes goes: 6J5; VT94; CV1934; 6С2C; 6С5С.

Inputs: 1x SPDIF (RCA, 75 ohm); 1x Toslink (optical); 1x USB (Amanero); 1x I2S (RJ45); 1x AES (XLR); 1x Bluetooth
Output: 1x RCA Left/Right
Input signal acceptable formats:
- PCM: 16 bit / 44,1 kHz or 48 kHz
- DSD: DoP
D/A converter chip: 1x Philips TDA1541A
Buffer tubes: 6J5 / VT94 / CV1934 / 6С2С / 6С5C
OLED display for indication of selected input and signal resolution
Output signal: 1V
Dimensions: 430 x 285 x 155 mm; 10 kg

February 2021