The Ultimate Dual Mono 32-bit DAC with advanced tube buffer

Dual Mono D/A Converter. High quality Asahi Kasei flagship AK4497EQ D/A-converters acting in parallel combined with AK4118 receiver and Amanero will play both PCM and DSD Native. The advanced tube buffer utilizes symmetric analog output signal from DAC chip fully, giving spacious, tonally perfect and outstanding sound with lots of details. Two analog outputs, one adjustable, second giving full signal allows to drive two separate amplifiers simoultaneously.

Adjustable output will make possible to use this DAC with any power amplifier, even without extra pre-amp needed. The advanced tube buffer has enough signal volume to drive any power-amp. Adjustable output is based on high quality Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer.
LCD display provides information about digital input selected, digital signal mode in use and digital filter selected.

Inputs: 2x SPDIF, RCA or BNC (75 ohm 0,2 ... 5V p-p); 1x Toslink (optical); 1x USB (Amanero).
Output: 2x RCA
Input SPDIF digital signal corrector/repeater included.
Input signal acceptable formats:
- PCM up to 32 bit / 384 kHz
- DSD Native: DSD64/128/256/512 (2.8 MHz/5.6 MHz/11.2 MHZ/22.4 MHz)
D/A converter chip: 2x Asahi Kasei Microsystems AK4497EQ used in parallel as Dual Mono.
Six-position digital filter for PCM.
Two-position pre-sets for DSD.
Buffer tubes: 6Н16Б
LCD display for indication of selected input and signal resolution
Output 1 signal: 4V non-adjustable
Output 2 signal: 0...4v adjustable (Alps RK27)
Dimensions: 430 x 250 x 120 mm; 9 kg