is an OTL (Output Transformer Less) full triode tube power amplifier.
This amp model is inspired by and dedicated to Estonian first national theater Wanemuine, it was the most nice jugend style building in Estonia (1906 - 1944).
Wanemuine as a person was also the epical musical specialist in Estonian national epos "Kalevipoeg".

Here to be seen in a set with suitable 12" real Full Range speakers.

Output Power: 2 x 30W sin /8 Ohm @16Hz - 60 kHz
Input impedance: 100k Ohm
Usable speakers: 4 - 64 Ohm
Class AB1
Technology: output transformer less tube amplifier
Inputs: 4x RCA (CMC silver)
Outputs: 2x Banana sockets (CMC silver)
Other: IR remote control, digital indication system for biasing tubes, work hour counter, power network voltmeter and frequency counter.
Total power consumption: 415W
Output stage: Futterman-Technics SEPP

Speaker cabinets: resonance type cabinets, mahagony plywood finish
Speaker elements: 12" full range vintage

April 2017.