Tube amplifier optimized for "regular" headphones like Audeze and other HiEnd models.
This is an OTL (Output Transformer-Less) tube amplifier. 100% triode tubes solution, very linear and direct coupled.

Output signal: 7 Hz - 70000 Hz (+/-0 dB)
Input impedance: 100k Ohm
Suitable load: 32 Ohms - 600 Ohms
Technology: OTL stereo 100% triode tube amplifier
Coupling method with headphones: direct coupled with active output protection cirquit
Tube bias adjustment: automatic
Inputs: 1x RCA CMC gold plated
Main output: Single output for balanced XLR-4 plug (with Audeze style pin-layout)
Auxiliary output (RCA) for input signal bypass (this amp may be installed between pre-amp and main power amp)
Volume pot: Alps RK27
Tubes: 6Н16Б; 6С19П
Overall power consumption: 90W
Dimensions: 430 x 260 x 120 mm.
Weight: 10kg