Tamm Audio
set of two monoblock power amplifiers and a "passive preamp"

Output power: 2 x 65W sin /8 Ohm.
Input impedance: 100k Ohm
Input signal: 350mV.
Suitable for speakers: 8/16 Ohm
Class AB1
Technology: Push-Pull tube monoblocks. For input selection and volume adjusting is IR-controlled "passive peaamp"
Inputs: 4x RCA.
Outputs: Banana sockets
Including: IR remote control, intelligent input selector, big analog VU-meters, output tubes bias adjusting system built in, using VU-meter indicators.
Power consumption: 2x140W max.
Frequency band: 15Hz-30000Hz +/-0dB @1W
Tubes: EL34, ECC808, 6Н16Б
Audio pass capacitors used: polypropylene SCR
Weight: both monoblocks 15kg, "passive preamp" 2 kg.
Casing material: natural Estonian oak.
March 2014