RIAA tube phono preamplifier model "Heart Of Music" is from where your vinyl music will born.
This tube phono-preamp has very wide dynamics and beautiful spacious and precise sound. Input is suitable for Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Iron (MI) type of cartridges signal level.
This phono-preamp is suited in more compact case, giving better possibilities to set it up closer to turntable. Only for high quality cartridges!

Input signal MM-level input: 3...30 mV
Input impedance: 47 kOhm (MM Input standard)
Output signal level: ab. 250...500+ mV (Line level)
Capable to drive: 10 kOhm or higher load
Amplification: 40 dB @1 kHz
Correction: RIAA, passive
Tubes: 6SQ7 (6Г2), 6SN7 (Pswane)
Power consumption: 40W
Dimensions: 340 x 260 x 120 mm.
Weight: 7 kg