Universal Preamplifier

Time to time there appears a need to correct a bit the sound while listening those old LP-records. Specifically speaking old LP's very often lack some punch in lower frequency sound area because of how the records were produced in their time. Here may arrive the needed help from this pre-amplifier with nice mild passive Baxandall style Bass/Treble adjusters.
The pre-amp is fully based on field effect transistors, considered as a solid-state relatives with tubes, maybe therefore giving some hint of tube sound.
The pre-amp has very deep volume adjustment possibilities, operated by push-buttons or IR-remote control. Clear LED-display will give information about selected input and volume level. Volume adjustment system is based on precise resistor ladder switched by special signal electromechanical relays. Six inputs cover well all needs.
Amplifier's casing is precise laser cut, has black matte powder paint strong wearproof coating and nice mahagony side panels for the accent. Standard dimensions allow to install this pre-amplifier easily.
This unit is hand built by using specially picked high quality parts and tubes. Pre-amp is capable to drive 10 kOhm or higher loads at up to 8V output signal, so it is a good match for any power amplifier.

Frequency band: 10 Hz - 40 kHz (Bass/Treble adjusters in center position)
Inputs: 6x RCA Line level (250mV...4V)
Outputs: 2x RCA
Output signal level: up to 8V
Pre-amp is capable to drive 10 kOhm or higher loads
Input impedance: 25 kOhm
Volume adjustment depth: 80 dB

Volume adjustment device: resistor ladder, switched by relays, push-button and remote controlled
Output signal is adjustable manually by push-buttons or by IR remote control
Bass/Treble adjusters (passive Baxandall): +/6dB @ 20Hz and 20kHz
Input indication: LED display
Volume indication: LED display
Power consumption/supply: 15W @230VAC (220V...240VAC /50...60Hz)
Dimensions: 430 x 260 x 120 mm
Weight: 8 kg

February 2021