Passive Attenuator ("Passive Preamp")
for commutating and adjusting volume totally passively, without any influence of active amplificating stage.
Has both balanced and unbalanced channels.


Input impedances:
- RCA: 100k Ohm
- XLR: 100k Ohm
Pot-meter: Alps logarithmic 100k Ohm, 4-gang gives symmetric volume adjustment for XLR inputs.
- 4x RCA non-symmetric
- 2x XLR symmetric
- commutation: by electromagnetic relays (Takamisawa)
Outputs: 1x RCA non-symmetric / 2x XLR symmetric, independent
- selecting input manually
- selecting input by IR remote control
- adjusting volume manually
- adjusting volume by IR remote control (2 speeds)
Total consumable power: 5W (outer power supply 9-12V).
March 2013