Audio Center "Kadakas"

is a tube amplifier based, including all entertainment center.


- FM stereo tuner 88-108MHz
- MP3-player
- CD-player
- RIAA phono tube preamp
- Preamplifier with Bass/Treble timbre correction
- Push-Pull power amplifier (Class A)
- No Global Negative Feedback used
- VU meter system
- Biasing metering system for power amp tubes
- IR remote for tuner/mp3 player and CD-player
- Tubes work hour counter
- Power network phasing indicator

Inputs, outer: 1x AUX RCA, 1x MM level phono
Inputs, inner: FM tuner/MP3-player, CD-player
Outputs: 6-8 Ohm Banana
Output Power: 2 x 10W sin 15Hz-20kHz +/-1,5dB Class A
Input signal for preamp input: 350mV
Input signal for power ampndi input: 1V
Output for earphones
Preamp-tone correction unit: Brimar style, adjustment +/-20dB
Preamp tubes: 6H / 6SL7
Power amp tubes: 6H7C, 807 used as triode
Output transformers: Danbury DB1041 / VT1041 Super OPT
No Global Negative Feedback used
Overall power consumption: 155W

Wiring diagram, amplifier part1
Wiring diagram, amplifier part 2
Wiring diagram, indicator system
January 2014