Amplifier "Germania Mk 4" - Germanium Mania - is made by using 100% of ancient germanium transistors in audio path.
Germanium transistors were mostly used in 1970's. In this case а more modern schematic design is utilized.
Result is positively surprising sound, very airy and same time precise and with good powerful flow.
This amplifier is usable as a power amplifier or stand alone due to inner volume potentiometer.
MIL-grade output stage transistors used. Special measures applied for improved stability.

Output power: 2 x 40W sin @4 Ohm
Harmonics: 0.07% @1kHz
Input signal: 1V...5V
Volume adjustment: integrated potentiometer (Alps)
Input impedance: 50k Ohm
Suitable for speakers: 16/8/4 Ohm
Inputs: 1x RCA
Outputs: Banana sockets for speakers / 1/4" (6,35 mm) headphone socket
Remote control: no
Power consumption: max. 150W
Class: AB
Power supply: stabilized
Built in speaker protection
Frequency band: 20Hz-20kHz
Transistors: МП21, ГТ402, ГТ404, 1Т806
Dimensions: W430 x L350 x H200 mm
Weight: 19kg.

December 2021