Extra Terrestrial
Full Amplifier with Dynamic Expander (built by using parts from crashed UFO)



Input voltage: 250 mV...1V (Line level)
Tone correction: separate for Bass/Treble
Inputs: 4 RCA (for 1 input is separate volume adjustment)
Usable speakers: 4 Ohm
Output power: Push-Pull triode 2 x 27W sin, klass AB1
Output for earphones
Power supply: tube rectified by diode tubes 6Д22С and 6Ц4П
Preamp tubes: 6H, 6H
Expander tubes: 6H, 6Е1П
Power amp tubes: 6H, 6П36С (used as a triode)
Built in tube bias adjustment system
Power consumption: 255W
April 2007
Wiring diagram page 1
Wiring diagram page 2